Car Paint Touch-Ups in Singapore

Car Paint Touch – Ups in Singapore

Small scratches can be dealt with right away because duct tapes can be kept anywhere in your car for emergency repairs. But this is only a temporary solution. This kind of situations need better solutions, Mobile Car Fix: car paint touch – ups in Singapore offers them for you.

The spray painting solution is a way to go. In Singapore, our process will start by cleaning and lightly sanding the scratched area using a fine grit sandpaper (if necessary). Next is the application of touch up paint coats. Once dried, the area would be concealed and becomes less obvious.

Our car paint touch up service uses base coats imported from USA, quality affirmed by the International Dealing Association. With a starting price of $70, we offer our color matching system that formulates the suitable color for your car.

We also offer headlight restoration. We use our specially formulated solutions to remove the yellowish or cloudy layer on your headlights before sealing them up with our UV resistant sealer. This guarantees ultimate protection for your headlights in order for it to last for years. This can be availed with a price that costs $98 for both headlights with 6 months warranty.

Do not wait for the damage of car scratches or cloudy headlights to get any worse. It is only a matter of time before it ruins your car. It will cost you almost $1000 to repair a full suite rather than simply spending a smaller sum on repair kits or car paint touch up shop consultations. In solution, car paint touch ups and spray painting in Singapore offers top quality services delivered at your convenience. So, if you have problems with scratches over your car, worry no more! We have got them covered for you. Contact us right away.

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