Car Paint Touch Ups and Spray Painting In Singapore

Car Paint Touch Ups and Spray Painting In Singapore

Having scratches and chips lessen the value and overall appearance of your car. From rusting, leading to destroyed clear coats and body paintwork. The typical causes are highway road dust, gravel and other surface contaminants.

Luckily, car paint touch ups and spray painting in Singapore may offer you the expertise in preventing these scratches to get any worse. We would first clean off any dirt over the affected areas before applying a layer of primer. This avoids any exposure to air and moisture, helping the paint to easily adhere onto the car body and fixes any imperfections. Next, if necessary, rust inhibitor or chemicals would be coated to inhibit oxidation of the metal and prevent rust from spreading to surrounding parts of your car.

Then, we will start repairing the affected areas. For larger areas, we use a spray paint while for smaller ones, we could use the touch up paint method. In painting, we ensure that the color’s outcome will match with its old coat by strictly mixing the paint according to your car’s manufacturer paint code and specifications.

Lastly, for our car paint touch up and spray painting service in Singapore, it will be car polishing. Your vehicle will look good as new once returned to you. All through the help of our dependable specialists, combined with high–quality tools and grooming products. Amazing results, guaranteed!

Mobile Car Fixing in Singapore
Say “CAR – LESS FOR DAYS, NO MORE!” Car paint touch up and spray painting in Singapore saves the day.

We are able to create any paint for any car and our base paints are directly imported from USA, accredited by the International Detailing Association. Our car paint touch – up services start from $70. A far cheaper alternative over hundreds of dollars – cost for respraying services as we enhance your car’s quality and protection.

For spray painting services, we use Cromax (formerly known as Dupont) paint and clear coat for a long lasting shine and gloss on your car. Besides car paint touch ups and spray painting, we also offer other professional services such as headlights restoration and ceramic brake pads. All our expertise, offered at affordable prices. Contact us at 92960289, send images of the dents or damage before visiting us at 160 Sinming Drive #04- 05, Sinming Autocity, Singapore (575722). Let’s talk about the quotation and leave the rest to us.

Car paint touch ups and spray painting in Singapore will always provide solutions for you. Contact us right away!

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