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Get the best Singapore Car Repair Services at Mobile Car Fix Singapore. Let us know the symptoms that your car is showing or drive it down to our workshop to have it diagnosed (appointment required). Mobile Car Fix Singapore will provide you with a quote and fix up the issue for you. For your convenience, pick up and drop off services can be arranged as well.

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1997 Mercedes S320 (W140)

The Air conditioning is not producing cold air even after multiple attempts to top up aircon gas. Therefore, issue lies in the damaged cooling coil unit (entire dashboard needs to be removed).

2010 Mercedes S350 (W221)
Huge jerk when engaging reverse gear and Malfunction of Airmatic suspension. Further, Gearbox flushing and
replacement of gearbox solenoid (Original MB parts) and front Airmatic suspension (OEM) is required. Contact us for the best Singapore Car Repairs.

A good car workshop is one which has qualified mechanics guided by professional experts. Inquire about the spare parts we use. Get a cost estimate for the repair charges and compare it with a few other workshops. Do not get carried away for a cheaper price, go for workshops that are reasonable. Get the Best Singapore Car Repair.