Paint Touch-Up / Spray Painting

Fix That Car Scratch!

Our paint is directly imported from the USA with accreditations by the International Detailing Association. We are able to create any paint of any car, including yours. Paint Touch-Up has never been more convenient.

Our paint touch-up service is the cheaper alternative to having your scratch re-sprayed, which may cost hundreds of dollars. What’s more, all our paint will have a layer of clear coat on it to enhance its durability and protection.

Paint touch-up service starts from $70. Send us pictures of your scratch to get a quotation.

If you are looking for a perfect fix… Mobile Car Fix Singapore is the perfect solution!
We provide car SPRAY PAINTING services as well!
Send us pictures of your scratch and we will advice you accordingly. We are able to remove the dents and imperfections on your car prior to the respray. Our spray paint workshop uses Cromax (formerly known as Dupont) paint and clear coat. The shine and durability of this new coat of paint will definitely leave you satisfied.

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We are able to address some of the major problems of Paint Touch Up. There are many more too numerous to mention. There is no magic cure for chips and scratches. But, We have the best car repair services and get the most fill of any system on the market, other than a new paint job.

Visit us at our car paint touch up shop:

160 Sinming Drive #04-05, Sinming, Autocity, Singapore 575722