Headlight Restoration

Restore Your Headlights!

We specialize in faded Headlight Restoration to like-new condition. We do not sand/buff your headlights, which is a temporary fix and can leave ugly scratches behind.

Our first step involves using our specially formulated solution to remove the spots on your headlights. Then, followed by a protective coating to keep it crystal clear for the next few years. 1 year warranty will be given to stand by our assurance of a permanent fix.

Are your headlights cracked or cannot be restored? We are able to source the relevant headlight unit for you and have it replaced at our workshop.

Visit us at our headlight restoration shop: 160 Sinming Drive #04-05, Sinming, Autocity, Singapore 575722

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Headlights Restoration


Restore your headlights today. Boost the image of your car and drive with greater safety!



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We also specialize in Internal restoration of headlights. Send us pictures of your headlights. We will let you know if it is an internal or external issue. We will give you a separate quotation if the issue is internal.

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Smudged Headlights have a bigger impact on the APPEARANCE and SAFETY of your vehicle. How does this happen? Over time, sun’s rays, halogens, weather factors, and road debris will degrade your headlight lenses. These forces can result in headlights that look ugly in appearance while losing its ability to illuminate. Restoring your headlights to their original clarity improves your vehicle’s look and provides safety to the driver and passengers. Our professional Singapore Headlight Restoration services lets all of the light through, allowing your headlights to work the way they should. Don’t wait for an event that will lead you to get an Accident/Report Claim in Singapore