Accident Report & Claims

Singapore and Malaysia Accident Report and Claims

We understand that getting involved in an accident is something that everyone of us dread.

No matter how well or skilled our driving may be, accidents do occur and we should be well equipped with the necessary knowledge to safeguard our own personal interest. In SINGAPORE, things are more straight forward and we just have to call our own respective insurance company to inform them and proceed down to their authorized reporting centers to make an car accident report and/or make a claim.

Things however start to get tricky when a Malaysian vehicle gets involved or your accident happened in Malaysia. It is usual practice for the Singaporean vehicle to claim their own insurance for the damage of their vehicle (regardless whether they are at fault or not).

This is mainly because claiming against insurance companies in Malaysia (third party damage claims) could be a long process (ranging from 1 to 2 years) and most workshops would not want to take that risk. But we can change that and help you make that accident report and make a claim now!

5 Steps to do when you get involved in an accident

These are 5 steps you should take when you get involved in an accident with a Malaysian vehicle IN or OUTSIDE of SINGAPORE.

  1. Take a photo of the car with the car plate (Preferably driver as well)
  2. Also, take a photo of the road tax disc on the Malaysian vehicle’s windscreen (Extremely important)
  3. Take screenshots of the Driver’s driving licence, Name, Genuine contact details (Give a missed call if necessary)
  4. Make a police report in the country and purchase the police report if it is done in Malaysia.
  5. Make an insurance report in Singapore within 24 hours of the accident. (Call us if you need help)

We are able to assist you in the claims process of your vehicle. During this period, a replacement car would be provided to you. We have been processing claims involving Malaysian vehicles and there has been a high rate of success. You no longer have to bear the brunt of the accident when you are not the one at fault in an accident. Just because it involves a Malaysian vehicle?

Give us a call and we will guide you through the entire process. We will assist in the insurance reporting for you as well.

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We will handle all accident reports and claims for you.