Things to Do When Caught Into an Accident by a Foreign Vehicle

Fear is automatically felt by anyone involved in an accident.

Skilled or talented, none of that matters when something unexpected eventually happens. Therefore, you should be ready and well educated by important precautions for your own safety. This applies when a car accident with a foreign Malaysian vehicle occurs.

Getting involved in a car accident with a Malaysian vehicle is not so straight forward.

What YOU Can Do.
You could choose to pay for car repairs from your own pocket or file a case against the Malaysian driver in Singapore courts. However, there are bound to be delays and additional expenditures through this process.

What WE Can Do.
Given our experience over the years in handling such cases, let us be the ones to help you in this with no costs to be borne on your side.
Of all, the most crucial step would be to ensure BOTH PARTIES make a police report in the country of Accident (either in Malaysia or Singapore) and have photos or videos to back up the accident scene. CALL us as soon as you have the chance so we can guide you along the way.

We have initially started by helping our customers process their accident repairs for accidents that happened in Singapore between Singapore vehicles. We moved on to finding proper legal means to have our Malaysian claims processed when our customers start facing such accidents with Malaysian vehicles. It was not a simple process but we overcame it and managed to become successful in claiming back the repair fees incurred in such accidents.

Claiming third party damage settlement from Malaysia insurance companies are risky because the process lasts for almost a year or two. However, we are confident to get this settled for you so let us offer you a helping hand. Claim that compensation NOW!


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